Essential to the foundation of any arts in health partnership is collaborative practice.

Arts practitioners, health and social care workers, affected communities or individuals and management and policymakers need to find common agendas and work together to achieve these. On this page, we share insights from individual experts and partner organisations about how they have set up, developed and run long- and short-term arts in health partnerships.

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Insight from experience

Building Partnerships

In this video, Carol Rogers, Director of House of Memories at National Museums Liverpool, talks about how this award-winning programme was first developed in conversation and partnership with networks and other organisations working with the dementia community.

There's a lot that health and social care providers can learn from artists and creatives, [and] there's a lot that artists and creatives can learn from health and social care providers. And it's that joint partnership approach, that is where innovation and creativity can really help to support new ways of working and new ways of engaging.

Sarah Lovell, Lead Officer for Culture, LCR Combined Authority
Case in focus

'Community is at the heart of what we do.'

A short film showcasing the successful partnerships forged between Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust’s community-based Life Rooms initiative and a range of creative and cultural organisations across Liverpool. Shot in the beautiful venue of Walton Library, it includes contributions from health professionals, arts practitioners and Life Rooms beneficiaries on the value of sharing practice, experience and expertise in addressing local health needs.

Case in focus

'Community is at the heart of what we do.'

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Listen to Life Rooms staff, beneficiaries and their arts and health collaborators talking about their partnerships and services.

examples & evidence

Learn more about The Reader’s work in partnership with healthcare providers and justice services through a conversation held in 2021 and led by Helen Wilson (Head of Shared Reading Programmes, The Reader) with Helen Cook (Reader Leader), Andrew Jones (Pain Medicine Consultant, Royal Liverpool Hospital) and Alison Liebling (Director of the Prisons Research Centre).

Shared Reading on National Prison Radio

The Reader, which has delivered Shared Reading groups in the criminal justice system for over a decade, worked closely in partnership with PRA to offer sessions to men and women serving sentences via prison radio during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Partnerships for Recovery: Musicians in Residence

A review outlining the positive impacts of Liverpool Philharmonic’s partnership with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, which has been running for over a decade.

The Life Rooms Model

A summary evaluation of the Life Rooms model of partnership working, which identifies key elements that contribute to successful partnerships, as well as the impact of such collaborative working. It is based on evidence drawn from the Life Rooms’ experience of developing over 100 partnerships.